Chris Tuff’s mission is simple: to put an end to this crisis of disconnection, to solve the problem of the Great Resignation and quiet quitting, all while increasing productivity and ROI by simply bringing humility and humanity back into business. By emphasizing commonalities and shared experiences, by taking an empathetic approach to individual strengths and collective empowerment, we can overcome one of the biggest workplace challenges of the 21st century.

In his nationally bestselling book The Millennial Whisperer, Chris explained how you can leverage connection to bridge generational divides within your organization for a more cohesive and motivated team. Now, in his new bestseller, Save Your Asks, Chris will teach you how to apply these connection strategies outside of your immediate network so you can build, meaningful, and profitable relationships that last. Chris is so confident in these strategies that he guarantees a 10x return on your investment.

It is a new age for the workplace and employers. Chris Tuff understands how younger generations relate to their employers and their teams, he can give you a proven framework to connect and motivate your teams, including:

  • Build a work culture employees crave
  • Increase recruitment and retention
  • Arm your sales team with tactics to improve topline ROI
  • Bring passion, fulfillment, and fun into the way you’re doing business

So that work doesn’t feel like work.