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Chris Tuff's Best-Selling Book: Save Your Asks

Save Your Asks

Author: Chris Tuff

What is that beautiful thing—the one that causes you to lose track of time?

Often, it’s when work doesn’t feel like work.

For generations, humans have drawn a distinct line between time spent at work and time spent at home. It’s an unwritten rule for Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers that one’s passion and profession should be mutually exclusive, and although the line between work and play is shifting culturally, many still believe that work shouldn’t be enjoyable. In Save Your Asks, Chris Tuff helps business professionals redefine their interests and themselves, in order to achieve that beautiful feeling where passion, purpose, and perfection collide.

Chris Tuff believes that many feel “stuck” in their careers due to their company’s hierarchical structure, which emphasizes the importance of promotion as a sign of professional success. This hooks many into a career track that does not make room for personal passion or growth and will often lead to stagnated levels of innovation. Save Your Asks demonstrates how to blend personal interests with professional development and increase sales with Chris Tuff’s targeted strategies.

If you’re looking to triple your sales and enjoy your work—no matter what you sell—then you need to Save Your Asks!